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If you’re searching for a playset that’s both naturally beautiful and long-lasting, redwood could be the best way to go. Make sure the area you intend to put the set is prepared and level. You will want grass, mulch, or rubber matting for a soft place to land. Accidents can happen despite the safety of the redwood playsets themselves.The set comes pre-drilled to make sure you are receiving safe and strong wood that has significantly less chance of breaking. If you don’t have tools on hand or don’t have the time to do the assembly, playground manufacturers offer professional assembly. The playset will be put together in no time at all.Some sets come with center towers and a canopy made of tarp material or a wooden roof for shade.

Since the wood isn’t preserved, it is going to need to be stained or painted periodically. It won’t need as much maintenance as a metal set which corrodes and flakes paint annually. Decide if you really will need to stain the swing set or only want to seal the wood with a protective redwood swing sets sealant. This is a matter of preference and appearance. When you choose to stain or seal your swing set, you’ll have to do some preparing and planning. Check the weather forecast or make provisions to keep it covered until it’s dry.Stain comes in a number of colors to choose from and include water-based stains with fewer fumes and more vibrant colors.

redwood swing sets

Exactly like paint, they also have oil-based alternatives which may hold up a little longer. In a few years, the playset may become significantly faded and require another coat of stain or sealant. Your children will love the alternative to play outdoors with an opportunity to release energy and learn physical and mental skills. It isn’t uncommon for parents to use these sets too. Enjoy playing with the kids as you keep an eye on them. Children always need to be monitored on outdoor equipment.When dealing with Rainbow playsets, you will see the standard of lumber is excellent, and the same is true for each one of the polymer elements. They offer other woods such as cedar, and you can determine the best look for your yard. All materials used are durable and kid-friendly.

It’s a matter of proper maintenance to refresh your mulch beneath the set every year or two or change out rubber matting that is worn through. Over the years, as your children grow, you can upgrade parts of the playset to make them age-appropriate. For children of different ages and abilities, you will probably have a combination.Your children will love inviting their friends to play, and your yard will be the ultimate birthday party experience too. Search online for redwood playsets and find the perfect play equipment for your family.